Mister B Rubber Extreme Water Boarding Hood - powered by Toy for a boy

    Mister B Rubber Extreme Water Boarding Hood

    Do we need to explain why there's a cup in front of the mouth? Don't think so...

    The cup is latex covered enforced material which keeps its shape well regardless of the content of the cup or the tilt of the head. Inside the cup is a rubberized thick tube so your mouth is forced wide open to enjoy the liquid flow. The inner diameter of the tube (32 mm / 1 1/4 inch) is chosen carefully so you're still able to put it in your thirsty mouth, and your mate can shove his dick in after the dive (if his cock isn't too thickly built). We don't think that lubrication is required in this case, since it will be all nice and wet down there...

    The noseholes ensure that you can still breathe when the mouth gag is fully stuffed. We purposely built in plastic eyes so you can look straight into the yellow stream when it is cumming, before it lands in the cup, down your face, and in your throat...

    Oh, we forgot: should this hood be a bit too scary for you because you're afraid that you might drown: Nooooo, don't be: when you just bend your head forward the liquid will run out of the urinal cap to the ground. Forces of gravity you know.

    Made from  heavy grade latex - 1 mm thick.