Butt Plug 8 cm - powered by Toy for a boy

    Butt Plug 8 cm

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    This serie is ideal for training and stretching your sphincter muscle. Training with these toys will enable you to be fisted and / or to receive bigger toys up your butt.

    The 8cm is the smallest one of this range of four plugs, but even with its 8 cm diameter, it is not to be taken lightly. Once you’re well accustomed to this one, you can gradually increase in steps of one centimetre at a time, to a super-duper 11 cm diameter in the end.

    Each plug has a sturdy and stable flange at the bottom so it rests well on the floor.

    Made in Belgium of phthalate free vinyl.

    Sizes / weights (approximate):
    Max diameter 78 mm.

    Neck diameter 35 mm.

    Total length 16 cm.

    Insertable length 12.5 cm.

    Weight 450 gram.