Neoprene items can be kept for many years in good condition if handled with care. To help you understand how to look after your neoprene gear, here are some helpful hints:

- Neoprene will crease. Deep creases do not come out. Store your hood safely on a mannequin head or hung up by the straps. Don’t have a mannequin head? Don't worry! You can blow up a ballon in your mask, works as well. ;)
- The metal rivets are coated with rust-proof paint, but it’s still best to avoid long-term exposure to salt water. If you do swim in the sea with your hood, rinse it thoroughly afterwards.
- Wet and messy play is not a problem! We all love love it! Use some soapy water to wash your gear, after that just rinse with water and let it dry!
- No matter how carefully you treat your hood, you may still get creases over time. Don’t be upset about it. Consider it the hood’s ageing process. ;)

Following these instructions should ensure that your gear lasts for many years!